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Through out my childhood I'd always loved cars and wanted to drive but were told by family, friends and doctors that I wouldn't be able to drive due to my disability. Even though I couldn't drive I wanted a car which I could design how I wanted, so bought a stock VW Golf Mk2 and had it modified to look how I wanted. But due to family arguements I decided to sell as it just caused problems.

Things changed when while out with a friend he got me to try turn the wheel while he did the pedals. After this we realised I would be able to and I booked lessons. Then in 2010 I passed my test and got my first car that I would be able to drive through the Motabilty Scheme, the Vauxhall Zafira. After 3 great years with this car she was replaced using the Motability Scheme by the Seat Altea XL.

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