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00 Scale Railway

Once I had "Charlton Brook Race Circuit" how I wanted it I decided I wanted make the loft like a toy shop. With that in mind I started building a shelf running round the edge of the loft which was then painted green with sand mixed in to mimic grass. I Then started laying down some track using Hornby and Peco track.

Originally I planned on just having a single track running round the edge of the loft but I then got hooked and decided to extend it so there were dual tracks running round with a 5lane station at one end. Then to make it easier to see which way the Points were pointing I built a Mimic Board which lights up showing which lane is live.

Just like my slotcar track I've had to leave my model railway behind when I moved out of my family home due to my arthritis getting worse making it impossible for me to get into the loft. Once I have my own place sorted I plan on building a smaller scale railway.

Railway 1 Raikway 2 Railway 3 Railway 4 Railway 5